Pamela Williams Fine Art & Photography | The ART DISTRICT Magazine - Vol 12 | Artist Spotlight with Johanna Hurmerinta & Lisa Lemmons-Powers

The ART DISTRICT Magazine - Vol 12 | Artist Spotlight with Johanna Hurmerinta & Lisa Lemmons-Powers

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Welcome to the ARt diSTriCt a place where the business of creativity happens! A creative destination where painters, photographers, collectors, designers and art lovers of all kinds gather to connect, collaborate, and celebrate creativity!

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and from the comfort of your living room couch (or take a break from your hectic day at the office) and start exploring our virtual streets filled with fine art and photography from around the world! 

0601 ad Pamela Williams0601 ad Pamela Williams NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: August is NATIONAL COFFEE MONTH & NATIONAL PEACH MONTH! A few of my favorite things. Well coffee speaks for itself - I am just plain addicted and not for that sugary stuff - I mean REAL BLACK COFFEE. It pairs extremely well with a family favorite "Peach Dream" and trust me when I tell you this is where the sugar comes into the picture. Down below you'll find an image of a piece of this heavenly dessert! I'll even post the recipe for you, let me know what you think! The ARt diSTriCt continues to grow and expand and remains a hub of activity for its members to connect with art lovers from around the world. The mission here at the magazine is simple: To share with you "the Art Lover" some one-on-one interviews, showcase artists, keep you informed on events, news, promotions and CELEBRATE the creative arts! This month we spotlight Two artists Johanna Hurmerinta and Lisa Lemmons Powers. Let's take a deep breath, exhale, relax and enjoy the art!

Enjoy this Caffeinated Art by Pamela Williams

0622 Diann Fisher0622 Diann Fisher 0629 Anda0629 Anda


coffee muecoffee mue

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National Peach Month


Ronald Reagan, when President of the United States of America, proclaimed August “Peach Month” and called upon the people of the United States to incorporate this nutritious fruit into their diets, and call upon interested groups to celebrate this month with appropriate programs and activities.

Well this national celebration is personal for me. I am a cancer survivor - of the Peach ribbon variety and every year about this time I celebrate by making a family recipe handed down to me by my mother. As I mentioned earlier it is called "Peach Dream" and it is delicious. In celebration of being a Peachy survivor I serve up a big gooey piece on my china plate, devour it with my gold fork and CELEBRATE!!!

How will you celebrate this juicy and delicious fruit.......the PEACH!

Peach Dream Recipe peach dreampeach dream

1. Crush & spread 1 box of coconut cookies in bottom of a 9x13 pan

2. Blend 1/2lb butter, 3.5 cups powder sugar, 1 tsp vanilla, & 2 eggs until fluffy. Beat in 2 more eggs

3. Layer cream on top of cookies.

4. Spread 2 pints of peeled and sliced FRESH peaches

5. Top with whipped cream & refrigerate for 2 hours (Please note this recipe has raw eggs, eat at your own risk)

This is as specific as it gets - it is a hand me down!!!




Fine Art America - Featured Artist Pamela Williams

Celebrating National Coffee Month

0706 Werner0706 Werner 10584 Sorry I am Busy PWP_7047fadfilmdet10584 Sorry I am Busy 07140714



ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Johanna Hurminta

JH 2016 300x400 pixJH 2016 300x400 pix Location : Espoo, Finland

What's your story? Please introduce yourself

I am a painter and photographer from Finland. I paint oil paintings with brush and palette knife. I photograph exotic colorful fish, corals and underwater life. I also love macro photography, especially flower macros.

What does "being creative" mean to you? Original Hurmerinta_Passion I 600x800Original Hurmerinta_Passion I 600x800

It means to be alive, to be happy, to do what I was born to do.

What’s your main artistic medium? *

Oil on canvas.

Can you describe a time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?

I remember I kept wishing and asking for color pens and paper, for each christmas and birthday, since I was perhpas 4 years old.

Red Sea Exotic World 600x800Red Sea Exotic World 600x800 What inspires you?

Other artists, old and new. Spring and summer. Sea. Sun. Sealife.

Do you have a specialty? 

In painting: abstract. In photography: sea life and flower macrophotography.

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?


What are you trying to communicate with your art? 

Good feelings: happiness, passion, joy, serenity, harmony, excitement etc

What kind of equipment/tools do you use?

Canon and Olympus cameras. Canvas print, brushes, palette knifes, oil colors.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created? Tulip Passion 600x800Tulip Passion 600x800

My oil painting "Passion".

What advice do you have for budding artists and photographers?

Be brave, test new things, never fear failure! Every day is a new chance to start over!


Click on the following links or above images to learn more about Johanna Hurminta and visit his work!



Website   Facebook Instagram Blog Pinterest


ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Lisa Lemmons Powers

untitled-1untitled-1 Location : Northeast Tennessee

What's your story? Please introduce yourself

I am a photographer living in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Tennessee. I was raised near Washington D.C., came to college in Tennessee and I have never looked back! I have been very fortunate to have been able to travel to many countries, and I've always loved taking photos. I'm also currently a part-time social worker, after retiring from 30 years of social work, primarily in Child Protective Services (a very tough, stressful job)! I'm also an entrepreneur, jewelry designer and owned a bead/jewelry store for several years (the store is still open and on it's 15th year). I absolutely love travel photography and that is one of my main motivations to travel. I enjoy exploring different countries and cultures. I'm also happy to be a wife, a step-mother, a daughter and I feel very fortunate to have many close friends in my life.

What does "being creative" mean to you? Chance all-Chance all-0016Chance all-Chance all-0016

For me, being creative means making or creating something that I imagined, whether it be making up recipes as I go, putting paint on a canvas, designing and making beaded jewelry and creating images with my camera!

What’s your main artistic medium? *

Photography is currently my main artistic medium. I relish learning everything I can about operating my camera (I rarely shoot in anything but Manual/RAW), composing what I see through the lens, capturing special moments for families and editing the images in post-processing. I also love to create jewelry with genuine gemstone beads. I have sold thousands of my jewelry designs over the past eighteen years.

edit-Editedit-Edit Can you describe a time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?

I’ve always been a photographer. I have love taking pictures for over 40 years, for as long as I can remember, definitely since grade school. Many friends say that if it weren’t for me, they would have very few photos of their families. I always have a camera with me, so they expect me to be there to take photos of whatever we’re doing. I have countless albums of cruises, trips, just cats, tons of flowers, sunsets, family and friend get togethers, and thousands of loose photos stored in boxes. I remember the first camera I used had the cube flash. 4 flashes, and you had to change the cube. Then came flash stick. I think you got about 10 flashes with that one — amazing!! Then came the camera (film) w/ a BUILT IN FLASH!! Woo Hoo! I’ve gone through several point-and-shoot digital cameras (both film and digital), the handy dandy Polaroid and countless disposable cameras! And, how can I forget the iPhone! I can’t imagine the money I’ve spent on film and prints over the years. Thank goodness for the invention of the digital camera! As far as jewelry design, I became hooked several years ago, when I attended my first Gem Show in Seattle, Washington. I started making necklaces, earrings and bracelets and sold them to friends and co-workers from the trunk of my car. Beading became and addiction and after a few years, a friend and I decided to open our own bead and jewelry store.

What inspires you? Italy-Venice and Burano-0324 copy_HDRItaly-Venice and Burano-0324 copy_HDR

As far as photography, I'm inspired by most things around me. I especially love capturing meaningful moments of children and families, and love nature and travel photography. I often find myself "composing" images in my mind, even when I don't have a camera (which is rare)! As far as jewelry design, I'm inspired by the feel and shapes of the gemstone beads and by creating different patterns and designs.

Do you have a specialty? 

I do not have a particular specialty and don't want to put myself in a particular "box."

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

I have dabbled in painting with acrylics and watercolors and look forward to be able spending more time learning to paint.

What are you trying to communicate with your art? 

I try to communicate many different emotions with my art, including: beauty, love, excitement and thoughtfulness.

What kind of equipment/tools do you use?

For photography, I primarily use my Canon 6D, various lenses and various editing programs. For jewelry making, I use genuine gemstone beads, professional wire, mostly sterling silver components and the usual tools of the trade (various pliers and my hands)!

untitled-1-18untitled-1-18 What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created?

I cannot name a "favorite" thing. I would say my creations are the images I see hanging on the walls of my clients and the various pieces of jewelry bought and worn by others!

What advice do you have for budding artists and photographers?

My best advice is to "Just do it!" I never thought I was a creative person until I was in my thirties. I'm still trying to catch up!

What is #1 on your Bucket List?

Someday, I am hoping to have a successful art opening at a local art gallery.


Click on the following links or above images to learn more about Lisa Lemmons-Powers and visit her work!

Website   Facebook Instagram Blog Pinterest


Thank you for connecting with us and don't forget to celebrate the arts!

Sing, Dance, Paint, Click...............see you in the ARt diSTriCt !

Pamela J Williams 

Capturing moments in time is a passion,

Sharing those moments with others is a pure joy! #sharepamsart


20.00" x 16.00" stretched canvas print EXPIRES at 5:00 pm on 7/19/2017

Treasured Moments by Pamela Williams


10795 Sea Turtle10795 Sea Turtle



Arts district

**From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An arts district is a demarcated urban area, usually on the periphery of a city center, intended to create a 'critical mass' of places of cultural consumption - such as art galleriesdance clubstheatresart cinemas, music venues, and public squares for performances. Such an area is usually encouraged by public policy-making and planning, but sometimes occurs spontaneously. It is associated with allied service-industry jobs like cafes, printers, fashion outlets, restaurants, and a variety of 'discreet services' (see the back-page small-ads of almost any cultural magazine).

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