Pamela Williams Fine Art & Photography | The ART DISTRICT Magazine - Vol 9 | Artist Spotlight with Werner Padarin

The ART DISTRICT Magazine - Vol 9 | Artist Spotlight with Werner Padarin

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Welcome to the ARt diSTriCt a place where the business of creativity happens! A creative destination where painters, photographers, collectors, designers and art lovers of all kinds gather to connect, collaborate, and celebrate creativity!

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and from the comfort of your living room couch (or take a break from your hectic day at the office) and start exploring our virtual streets filled with fine art and photography from around the world! 

0601 ad Pamela Williams0601 ad Pamela Williams NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Can you believe that July is just a couple days away and we are half way through 2017? Seize the moment will be gone in an instant! This month we celebrate "World Watercolor Month" and share with you just a bit of the watercolor art  and artography available in the ARt diSTriCt which continues to grow and expand. It remains a hub of activity for its members to connect with art lovers from around the world. The mission here at the magazine is simple: To share with you "the Art Lover" some one-on-one interviews, showcase artists, keep you informed on events, news, promotions and CELEBRATE the creative arts! This month we spotlight photographer Werner Padarin from Canberra, Australia who states, "... The creative aspect (of photography) for me is in finding a visually appealing scene." So , take a deep breath, exhale, relax and let's start creating!

Enjoy this video featuring Watercolor Art & Artography from the District

0608 Pat Saunders White0608 Pat Saunders White 0629 Anda0629 Anda


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world watercolorworld watercolor Don’t miss World Watercolor Month 2017 in July as artists around the globe come together for the ultimate watercolor celebration! Use the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth


Charlie O’Shields is the founder of World Watercolor Month™. His own love of the medium led to a movement dedicated to promoting and connecting the community of watercolor artists worldwide. After hosting a few early art challenges, celebrating various fun and delightfully obscure holidays, it became apparent that there wasn’t an official celebration of the medium we all love. Over 18,000 applications are submitted for “official days” each year and only 30 are added to the calendar so it was a long shot, but the registrars agreed with the cause and now it’s official! July is now and forever World Watercolor Month! it's a month to inspire people to paint with watercolor and raise awareness for the importance of art and creativity. Anyone can join the celebration by simply tagging any art that uses watercolors with #WorldWatercolorMonth during the month of July!

Ways To Celebrate and JOIN THE FUN!

  1. Use the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth when posting your art and use it to meet other watercolor artists around the globe!

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Rufous-sided Towee by  Erica Maxine Price

Advertise HereAdvertise Here Rufous-sided Toweeby EricaMaxine PriceRufous-sided Toweeby EricaMaxine Price 0601 Yuri Lev0601 Yuri Lev


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werner-col-300x400werner-col-300x400OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Location : Canberra, Australia

What's your story? Please introduce yourself

I started off with a bit of a love-hate relationship with photography: my father was always standing me WP-artmag-1WP-artmag-1Hùng Lô in front of something or other to take a picture and I got to hate that - not that I didn't much later inflict a little of that on my children.  But he also took in black and white film processing and printing work to supplement his income and I was quite fascinated by the process as I accompanied him in the darkroom.  Quite early on he presented me with a rangefinder camera that even had a light meter (anyone not knowing what a rangefinder is, is just betraying their youth!).  Later, as I started to work as an engineer, I was able to convert to a fully manual SLR camera  - a Pentax, known in some circles as the "poor man's Nikon", but with it a telephoto lens which helped lead me away from "happy snaps" to  more creative scenery and close-ups.  In my work I was fortunate to be able to do quite a bit of travel, both locally and overseas, and I used every opportunity to capture the gorgeous (or sometimes just "different") sceneries that I encountered.  But it was on a hike in a National Park here in Australia, that I decided I had to rid myself of the shackles of 36 exposures and to go digital.  I'm now in the digital age and fully retired, so with more time to spend on photography - I enjoy the walks and travels that are so full of photo opportunities and I enjoy the photography itself and the minimal postproduction that I do. 

What does "being creative" mean to you?

I like my photos to look natural, although I do sometimes make a fairly bland scene look a bit more dramatic, for example, by darkening the clouds a bit.  The creative aspect for me is more in finding a visually appealing scene which to photograph - it's difficult, if not outright presumptious, I think, to attempt to improve on the beauty of nature. WP-artmag-2WP-artmag-2At the market in Mawlaik, Myanmar
PLEASE NOTE: Purchased items will be free of watermarks
Nikon D800E | AFS Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VRII

What’s your main artistic medium? *

Short answer: photography.

Do you have a specialty? 

I often quite facetiously say that my specialty is in shooting only those scenes or things that are in front of my lens!  Perhaps a better answer might be that I shoot only that which appeals to me.  Looking back on my works, I can identify landscapes, wildlife, streetshots of people and closeups of naturally occurring patterns like those of tree bark as having predominated.

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

A bit of a left field question here - I love music and would just love to compose and come up with something to rival Palestrina or Bach - In fact my music skills barely extend to operating a CD player, so that'll remain a silly fantasy (but I do enjoy Palestrina and JS Bach)!

What are you trying to communicate with your art? WP-artmag-3WP-artmag-3Bark of eucalypt tree showing the tracks of larvae of the scribbly gum moth (Ogmograptis scribula), Googong, Australia
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Nikon D300 | Nikon 18-200VR

In our computer and device driven age with young people increasingly out of touch with nature and even unable to communicate except via their devices and even with art increasingly turning to computer created designs, I like to show the beauty of nature and of the faces of real people!

What kind of equipment/tools do you use?

Full frame DSLR with 20mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses and other gear like filters, flashes and tripods

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created?

Here I'd probably refer to some family photographs of particularly touching moments in my life, but these shall remain private. Of my publicly displayed works, I find it impossible to choose any particular shots - each trip has led to shots that I'm quite proud of, some landscapes and sometimes shots of people or close-ups of nature.

What advice do you have for budding artists and photographers?

WP-artmag-4WP-artmag-4Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand
Nikon D300 | Nikon 12-24DX | CPL
*Featured* in *Beach Art* (15 March 2010)
*Featured* in *Seascapes with Rocks* (15 March 2010)
*Featured* in *Cliffs, Caves & Caverns* (30 May 2010)
*Featured* in *High Quality Images* (8 June 2010)
*Featured* in *Islands of The World* (14 August 2010)
*Featured* in *That One Great Shot* (16 September 2010)
*Featured* in *That's Entertainment!* (24 September 2010)
*Featured* in *#1 Artists of RedBubble* (19 January 2011)
*Featured* in *Your Country's Best* (6 March 2011)
*Featured* in *The landscapes of our world* (11 April 2011)
*Featured* in *Featured Men Photographers* (18 May 2011)
*Featured* in *Stunning Scenery ‘Favorites’* (21 January 2012)
*Featured* in *The World around us* (18 March 2012)
*Featured* in *Your Country's Best* (15 June 2012)
*Featured* in *The Best of Redbubble* (30 January 2013)
*Featured* in *Live, Love, Dream* (11 September 2013)
*Featured* in *Featured For A Challenge* (1 January 2014)
*Featured* in *100%* (18 February 2014)
*Featured* in *Caves, Canyons, Cliffs & Craters* (18 May 2014)
*Featured* in *Colourists* (23 May 2014)
*Featured* in *Snaptacular* (7 June 2014)
*Featured* in *1000 Plus* (1 February 2016)
*Featured* in *Spectacular Featured Photography* (9 July 2016)
*Winner* in *Beach, River and Lake Treasures* "Never been Featured in this Group": (31 October 2010)
*Winner* ("tied": in *Islands of the World* "Coast Image": (29 October 2010)
*Winner* in *Landscape Photography* "Daytime on the Beach": (13 August 2015)
*Winner* in *Sticks and Stones and Livi
Imagine a 3:2 aspect photo frame around anything you see - then if you like what you see, push the trigger, but analyse the picture afterwards and try to remember what you've learned the next time you look!

What is #1 on your Bucket List?

Some scenery around central Australia!

Click on the following links or above images to learn more about Werner Padarin and visit his work!


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Thank you for connecting with us and don't forget to celebrate the arts!

Sing, Dance, Paint, Click...............see you in the ARt diSTriCt !

Pamela J Williams 

Capturing moments in time is a passion,

Sharing those moments with others is a pure joy! #sharepamsart

CLICK ON THE IMAGE - Check out this NEW WATERCOLOR ARTWORK "Angel fish"by Pamela Williams!

10795 Sea Turtle10795 Sea Turtle



Arts district

**From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An arts district is a demarcated urban area, usually on the periphery of a city center, intended to create a 'critical mass' of places of cultural consumption - such as art galleriesdance clubstheatresart cinemas, music venues, and public squares for performances. Such an area is usually encouraged by public policy-making and planning, but sometimes occurs spontaneously. It is associated with allied service-industry jobs like cafes, printers, fashion outlets, restaurants, and a variety of 'discreet services' (see the back-page small-ads of almost any cultural magazine).

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