Pamela Williams Fine Art & Photography | The ART DISTRICT Magazine - Vol 15 | Artist Spotlight with Adam Romanowicz

The ART DISTRICT Magazine - Vol 15 | Artist Spotlight with Adam Romanowicz

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Welcome to the ARt diSTriCt a place where the business of creativity happens! A creative destination where painters, photographers, collectors, designers and art lovers of all kinds gather to connect, collaborate, and celebrate creativity!

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and from the comfort of your living room couch (or take a break from your hectic day at the office) and start exploring our virtual streets filled with fine art and photography from around the world! 

00 pAMELA00 pAMELA NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Fall has arrived and the colors are changing. I absolutely love this time year - cooler temperatures, football tailgating and children jumping in piles of leaves. Not to mention all the wonderful Oktoberfest - ivals! So grab your beer of choice (Rootbeer will work too) and let's celebrate the arts together! And while we're at it...let's pop on over to the American Cancer Society and learn a bit more about how to prevent cancer!!!!

The ARt diSTriCt continues to grow and expand and remains a hub of activity for its over 1700 members to connect with art lovers from around the world. The mission here at the magazine is simple: To share with you "the Art Lover" some one-on-one interviews, showcase artists, keep you informed on events, news, promotions and CELEBRATE the creative arts! This month we spotlight Adam Romanowicz from Chicago, IL!  Adam states he is "50% right brained, and the rest left brained. My analytical side is constantly battling my creative side, and vice-versa." I can't wait to share with everyone a little bit of both sides of that wonderful brain! Now take a deep breath, exhale, relax and enjoy the art! I love October....

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"from our tears come hope and love" 

by Pamela Williams Photography


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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Adam Romanowicz


20151113_205102_RM20151113_205102_RM Location : Chicago, IL

What's your story? Please introduce yourself

I'm 50% right brained, and the rest left brained. My analytical side is constantly battling my creative side, and vice-versa. During the day I'm a full time engineer, but in my off time I love to travel and create. Most of my images are travel and landscape related, but I also love macro and abstract photography.

What does "being creative" mean to you?

To me, being creative means letting go of standards and thinking outside the box. In landscape photography, it's about seeing the world in a different light, from a unique perspective, or in a time spectrum not visible to the human eye.

What’s your main artistic medium? *

At the moment, photography. I've dabbled with pencil drawing, and would love to take a digital painting class. Oils or acrylics would be great, but digital painting opens some interesting doors.

Describe a time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?

I got my first film SLR camera in the mid-90's because I had an interest in photography and wanted to document my travels. It very quickly escalated from there, as I really enjoyed the reminiscent feeling I'd get looking at my photographs. I wanted to share the feeling of "being there" with those that may not have been.

What inspires you?

The vast possibilities of beauty around the world. The amazing differences in landscapes, environments, and cultures drive me to travel and see the world, and to capture what I see to share with others.

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

I would love to learn to paint. With photography, sometimes the weather just doesn't want to cooperate, and the scene I'd like to convey just can't be captured. Painting allows endless possibilities beyond reality.

What are you trying to communicate with your art? 

My goal in making photographs is to create a sense of place. I want to place the viewer into the photograph, to make the viewer feel as if they're standing where I was standing.

What kind of equipment/tools do you use?

I'm a Canon guy. I mainly use a Canon 5D Mark III with various zoom and prime lenses. When I want to travel light, I just pack a Canon G7x. For processing I try to do as much as possible with just Adobe Lightroom. Sometimes for more creative developing I jump into Photoshop.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created?

I'm still trying to create my favorite image. There are some I like, some I love, but in general I'm always trying to improve.

What advice do you have for budding artists and photographers?

First, just get out and shoot. Learn what your camera can do, understand all its settings. View other artist's work, and try to recreate photographs you really like. Then put a different spin on those photographs to develop your own style. Then, just get out and shoot some more!

What is #1 on your Bucket List?

Just #1? There's so much on my bucket list it's hard to prioritize! Trekking Nepal is pretty high on the list, though. And Patagonia, and Iceland, and...

Do you have any passions other than art/photography?

Did I mention travel? I love to travel. I'm also a big aviation enthusiast and love to fly my microlight trike (powered hang glider). When I travel somewhere warm, I love to scuba dive.

River, Dusable Park, Ogden Slip, Lake Point Tower, Willis Tower, Grant Park, Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park, and Trump Tower among others (too many to list!).<br/><br/>Copyright © Adam Romanowicz. All Rights Reserved.


Click on the following links or above images to learn more about Adam Romanowicz and visit his work!

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Thank you for connecting with us and don't forget to celebrate the arts!

Sing, Dance, Paint, Click...............see you in the ARt diSTriCt !

Pamela J Williams 

Capturing moments in time is a passion,

Sharing those moments with others is a pure joy! #sharepamsart



Arts district

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An arts district is a demarcated urban area, usually on the periphery of a city center, intended to create a 'critical mass' of places of cultural consumption - such as art galleriesdance clubstheatresart cinemas, music venues, and public squares for performances. Such an area is usually encouraged by public policy-making and planning, but sometimes occurs spontaneously. It is associated with allied service-industry jobs like cafes, printers, fashion outlets, restaurants, and a variety of 'discreet services' (see the back-page small-ads of almost any cultural magazine).


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