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0601 ad Pamela Williams0601 ad Pamela Williams NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This week I would like to highlight and support one of my local Kansas City art museums - The Nelson Atkin's Museum of Art. If you are in town visiting make sure and put this on your must do list - admission is FREE! The ARt diSTriCt continues to grow and expand and remains a hub of activity for its members to connect with art lovers from around the world. The mission here at the magazine is simple: To share with you "the Art Lover" some one-on-one interviews, showcase artists, keep you informed on events, news, promotions and CELEBRATE the creative arts! This month we spotlight artist David Zimmerman from Durham, North Carolina USA.  Let's take a deep breath, exhale, relax and enjoy David's art!

Enjoy this video featuring Watercolor Art & Artography from the District

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Nelson Atkin's Museum of Art - Kansas city, MO USA


One of Kansas City's finest museums is the Nelson Atkin's. A must see and do while visting the area. The website boasts.... "Where the power of art engages the spirit of community". It is a well liked destination  and a hub of activity. The outdoor grounds are a popular spot for picnics, family photo's, outdoor movies and local events for the family. Indoors you can enjoy a cultural delight of art. Best of all, it is all FREE!


According to the organizations website, "The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art arose from the instincts and ambitions of two private individuals who shared the dream of providing a public art museum for Kansas City and the surrounding region.

William Rockhill Nelson, founder of The Kansas City Star, was convinced that for a city to be truly civilized, art and culture were necessities.

When he died in 1915, the bulk of his estate was used to establish the William Rockhill Nelson Trust for the purchase of works of art “which will contribute to the delectation and enjoyment of the public generally.”

The Nelson estate was combined with Mary Atkins’ legacy to build an art museum for the people of Kansas City. The William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art and the Mary Atkins Museum of Fine Arts opened to the public on Dec. 11, 1933.

On June 9, 2007, the Nelson-Atkins unveiled the Bloch Building, an addition designed by Steven Holl Architects, which increased gallery and storage space for the growing collection.

Today, the Nelson-Atkins maintains collections of more than 35,000 works of art and welcomes 500,000 visitors a year."

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Tulip Passion by 

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - David Zimmerman

Selfie publicSelfie public Location : Durham, North Carolina USA

What's your story? Please introduce yourself

I have been painting since I took my first college class in 1968, and finished with a BA in Fine Art, and then followed that with an MFA in Painting in 1976. Both degrees from George Washington University. I have been working professionally since then (41 years!!!), along the way with stints as a stagehand, carpenter, makeup artist, graphic designer, teacher, salesman, kitchen designer and scenic artist. Whew! I come from an artistic family. One of my brothers was a painter, another brother is a photographer and musician and my sister is a musician too. For me, my work is a 7 day a week 365 day a year job, where I try to paint every day.

What does "being creative" mean to you? 1A Twilight Reflections1A Twilight Reflections

I think being creative means to be intensely involved in imagining new ideas and synthesizing that which exists with that which is only in the mind. Whether it is cooking (how about a brand new recipe?), writing, acting, making a garden, building a home or a doghouse, making music, or poetry the list can go on and on. Forging something from only an idea.

What’s your main artistic medium? *

I'm primarily a painter, but having a diverse background gives me the freedom to build my own tools to enhance the creation and assist in storing and curating my work. I have a mixed medium approach, painting with both oil and acrylic. I do all of my own photography, whether it is shooting out in the field or in the studio preparing my work for publication.

Can you describe a time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?

I think it was watching some things as films and advertisements. I saw a Prang film demonstrating finger painting in the early 1950's (I was 7) and I was mesmerized. Then there was an exotic advertisement of a commercial artist painting the KRAFT logo on an egg shell that looked just like in the grocery store. Could someone actually do that??!!?? When I was 10 I saw an adult paint a watercolor (Without lines like a coloring book, and thought COULD SOMEONE ACTUALLY DO THAT??!!??) I wanted that for me.

Cafe RegularsCafe Regulars What inspires you?

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. I mentally propose painting from almost everything I see, and though 99% is dismissed, it's the 1% that gets through the filter. Intense light, saturated color, dramatic settings, excitement, .............all of it.

Do you have a specialty? 

I don't really have a specialty as such, but my work is often market driven. I paint what I try to sell. I find a direction away from my original thinking. I started primarily as a plein aire landscape painter, but have gradually moved into genre scenes. If I were forced to ascribe a specialty to my work, it is the perfecting of the use of high chroma color. My work now is based on chiaroscuro drawing (highly detailed under painting) followed with transparent glazing(staining) as top coats. In a previous lifetime I believed in alla prima execution, painting directly to a finished look, right from the start, without preparation.

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

Sometimes I think music, sometimes writing fiction or poetry, and sometimes even sculpture.

What are you trying to communicate with your art? 

The beauty of full intensity color, like the way words can convey emotion

What kind of equipment/tools do you use? La Racolte delle UveLa Racolte delle Uve

I create my own panels using a plywood core that I cut from full sheets, wrapping and pressing Belgian linen around this core, and using acrylic primer (gesso) and standard acrylic colors to begin. I overpaint this with standard oil paints, initially using mineral spirits and then moving into alkyd based painting medium. I have a couple of point and shoot cameras that I use in the field, and a canon D40DSLR for flat field work

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created? The Long Journey HomeThe Long Journey Home

Probably, my life as an artist; it is with dedication and commitment that I have pursued a life that others have considered Quixotic, a lifetime of near poverty, and yet the renewed satisfaction of always improving my craft, and honing my skill set.

What advice do you have for budding artists and photographers?

Two words: Persistence and commitment. Without them the artist is doing a dance of dalliance

What is #1 on your Bucket List?

All things being equal, I would like to travel the world and see the wonders before they are gone (or is it me who is disappearing??)


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10883 Rainbow Over Owyhee by Pamela Williams


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