The ART DISTRICT Magazine - Volume 2: May 2017 by Pamela Williams

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Welcome to the ARt diSTriCt a place where the business of creativity happens! A creative destination where painters, photographers, collectors, designers and art lovers of all kinds gather to connect, collaborate, and celebrate creativity!

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and from the comfort of your living room couch (or take a break from your hectic day at the office) and start exploring our virtual streets filled with fine art and photography from around the world!

In celebration of her passion for the arts Pamela Williams is rolling out Volume Two of the newly developed ARt diSTriCt Magazine featuring the new Fine Art America group the ARt diSTriCt . The group is now one month old and has achieved a number one ranking . With over 800 member artists from around the world it has become a hub of activity for its artists to connect with other art lovers . The plan here at the magazine is to share with you "the Art Lover" some one-on-one interviews, showcase artists, keep you informed on events, news, promotions and CELEBRATE the creative arts!

Here is a short video highlighting a few of this past weeks favorite images from the  ARt diSTriCt groups recent featured artists.

ArT_diSTricT_Group_-_Featured_Artists_1080p from Pamela Williams Photography on Vimeo.


Please stop by any of our venues ( Facebook Group and Fine Art America Group and Google+ Collection and Pinterest Board ) and visit the virtual streets of the  ARt diSTriCt. Visit the artists work and don't forget to feed them (they are starving) by sharing their work on social media or purchasing one of Fine Art America's guaranteed prints, canvas, mugs, cards, towels or totes. (did I mention they have a 30-day money back guarantee) Greeting Cards and coffee mugs are an affordable way to get your feet wet and show off your art purchase with your friends and family. It is too late to order for Mother's day, but you need a card for Father's Day right? Or maybe a mug? Why not give him a piece of art at the same time! 

Dad Coffee Mug by Pamela Williams

coffee mugs for sale 


Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 - Where will you be?

It is just a guess, but I will bet there will be a few photographers from the  ARt diSTriCt trying to capture that special moment. I know the Williams household has reserved their campsite right smack in the middle of the viewing corridor in Missouri.

The total solar eclipse of August 21 is the first total eclipse visible from America’s lower 48 states in over 38 years. The last one happened in 1979 and passed through the Pacific Northwest and central Canada in late winter. (see: Total Solar Eclipses in the USA)

The total eclipse is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses the United States from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast crossing fourteen states: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

The total eclipse of the Sun is the most spectacular event in all of Nature! Few people have ever witnessed one, but I have heard that once seen it is an experience never to be forgotten. I have included several links at the bottom if you are interested in more information on the Solar Eclipse "need to knows"

Brigitta Diaz ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Brigitta Diaz

Location : Cypress, TX - United States 

What's your story? Please introduce yourself

I love nature photography and I love God's word. I love to inspire, motivate and encourage others by adding bible verses to my photographic images.

What does "being creative" mean to you?

Being creative is discovering how to look at things surrounding us in new ways and with an open mind. Seeing God's creation and enjoying our surroundings with open eyes.

What’s your main artistic medium?

Photography is my main artistic medium. Taking my photos and creating different items with the photos. Creating calendars, greeting cards, magnets with bible verses, small cards with nature photos and bible verses.

Can you describe the time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?

I have created calendars and produced them myself with my nature photos and bible verses for many years for my family, in English, German and Spanish. Many years ago I also created small cards with a nature photo and bible verse and laminated them myself to put on a stand to be an inspiration and encouragement for others. I have never had enough time to take it any further. Now that I am retired I have begun finding ways to bring my pictures to many more.

Sunset With Inspirational WordsThis photo was taken in the Cayman island sunset. The bible verse seems to be very fitting for this scene.


What inspires you?

Seeing beautiful landscapes, flowers and other moments and being able to frame them some way or other inspires me. Such moments just amaze me on how beautiful small things can be.

Do you have a specialty? 

Nature photography with details of framing a photo, with finding a great foreground. Finding ways on how to put together my photos with the word of God.

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

At this moment just to get more knowledge with taking photos and utilizing Photoshop.

What are you trying to communicate with your art?

Inspire, motivate and encourage others with my nature photos and God's word.

What kind of equipment/tools do you use? Swiss Mountains Reflection In LakeThis lake is called "Truebsee" and is located at 1800 meter elevation in Engelberg Switzerland. The name of the lake means in English something like "muddy, cloudy"!! Usually the lake is not as clear as at that very moment. I was so lucky that at that moment there was no wind and the lake was incredibly still, so that I could take this shot. I have been at this lake many, many times and I had not seen it so perfectly still like this before.

My Nikon camera, Photoshop and my brain!!!

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created?

My calendars and small cards with nature photographs and bible verses.

What advice do you have for budding artists and photographers?

Find your niche. Find what makes you excited and satisfies you and then do not worry about others.

What is #1 on your Bucket List?

To hear how other people are encouraged by the photos and bible verses that I create and share. That is my goal.


Drops Of Water On Blue FlowerThis photo was taken after the rain when the water drops formed on the blue flowers petals.

Click on any of the following links or the above images to to learn more about Brigitta and visit her work!

Website   Facebook:Personal   Facebook:Fan Page   Pinterest   Instagram


Thank you for connecting with us and don't forget to celebrate the arts!

Sing, Dance, Paint, Click...............see you in the Art diSTricT !

Pamela J Williams 

Capturing moments in time is a passion, Sharing those moments with others is a pure joy! #sharepamsart


Arts district

**From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An arts district is a demarcated urban area, usually on the periphery of a city center, intended to create a 'critical mass' of places of cultural consumption - such as art galleriesdance clubstheatresart cinemas, music venues, and public squares for performances. Such an area is usually encouraged by public policy-making and planning, but sometimes occurs spontaneously. It is associated with allied service-industry jobs like cafes, printers, fashion outlets, restaurants, and a variety of 'discreet services' (see the back-page small-ads of almost any cultural events-listings magazine).

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Brigitta Diaz(non-registered)
Many thanks to Pamela, who put this magazine together. I am honored to be the Artist Spotlight in this May Magazine. Pamela has been awesome in creating the Art DIstrict Group in FAA (Fine ArtAmerica) and achieved the number one ranking of the group in just 1 month!! Her dedication and work to promote other artists is just excellent. She has very much energy and continues to come up with more ideas to give the artists a chance to promote each other's .
A thank also to all the other artists who continue to be active in the group and thanks to everyone who has looked at my pictures and commented or liked or favored or promoted them.

Pamela, thanks a again for the great work and please continue. I am happy to participate in your group!
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